Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Anti-Camelot Denizens

First: And the big news this week is my Demon City RPG starting up--check it out if you want to support.

Anyway, False Patrick and I are still working on Project Anti-Camelot or the Eclipsed Lands or whatever. Here's some pictures--click to enlarge:


  1. This looks pretty fucking awesome.

  2. Not to nitpick (because I LOVE your illustration style) but don't the knights of the Eclipsed Lands use weird materials for armor? Like porcelain, prayer-inscribed paper, mouse embryos, etc.

    1. 1. Not all of them do
      2. There'll be a lot more art later. Drawing armor made of mice is a little more ambitious than these which are just to sort of get the engine going

    2. OMG, I want to see armour made of mice!

      (but I can wait)

  3. Yes, I like these a lot. I like images open to interpretation. Exactly the kind of images that work best for RPG's.